TOP Essential Oils For Headaches And Migraines + Application Tips

Within the quick-paced life of the 21st century, those of whom are fortunate enough to suffer from migraines or headaches infrequently are considered to be utterly lucky.  There is a significant percentage of the global population for whom migraines as well as headaches have become a chronic issue to deal with. Thus it is best advised to carefully chose the method for easing the pain as well opting for a method of relief which can be considered as a safer alternative. In this article we present you top essential oils for headaches and migraines and effective methods to combat them.

1. How Do Essential Oils Relieve Headaches?

The healthiest way to chose for recovering from a bad case of a migraine or a headache is to opt for treatments whom of which are more naturalistic rather than infusing the body with medicines. One such traditional method which has been associated with and commonly used to cure not only headaches but also migraines is the utilization of essential oils. When used in a particular blend or mix, many essential oils for headaches can prove to be fruitful in the reduction of pain and even hold the power to prevent them from relapsing.
Essential oils for headaches contain the ability to bring about an effective result by not only relieving the pain but alongside with that, they aid with easing the tension/stress present within the body. The slightest bit of reduction from a bad case of a headache via the utilization essential oils can drastically help with decreasing the temptation to ingest pain relieving medications. A majority of the present essential oils for headaches also contain a considerate percentage of sedatives as well as anti-inflammatory properties to effectively battle a headache or a case of migraine.
Alongside the reduction of pain, one of many advantages of using essential oils for headaches or migraines is that they work to help boost the human biological anatomy by boosting the immune system. Thus being an appropriate choice of a natural remedy.

2. Top 10 Essential Oils For Headaches and Migraines

Mentioned below is a detailed list of ideal essential oils for headaches which have been tried and tested, time and again for producing the best results.

2.1) Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil is most frequently known for its long-lasting soothing effect for treating headaches through cooling the body, in particular the largest organ of the body, skin. Besides working as, a cooling agent, peppermint oil also enhances the flow of blood when it is applied topically thus inhibiting the contraction of muscles.
During an in-dept. study carried out for the purpose of analyzing the ability of Peppermint essential oil for headache relieve, it was proven by its results back in 1996, that the usage of peppermint oil reduced pain by a considerable amount for the patients.  None of the 41 patients whom of which were a part of this study reported any adverse effects or side effects after taking up the usage of peppermint essential oil for headaches.
The International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology also conducted a study to evaluate the effect peppermint oil had on a headache or a migraine when mixed with ethanol. It was deduced by the end of the study that the mixture decreased not only the pain but also increased blood circulation and relieved tension form within the body of their 32 test subjects.
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2.2) Lavender Essential Oil

lavender essential oil

Lavender oil consists of curative as well as therapeutic properties which aid with reduction of stress, tension by working as an antidepressant, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic. Lavender is also most well known for being a calming agent via its sedative as well as anti-anxiety properties.

Due to its health benefits, Lavender oil is widely topically as well as aromatically used to reduce the pain felt by headaches or migraines. By affecting the limbic system of a body, once absorbed into the skin, Lavender oil can therefore effectively cure headaches or cases of migraine whom of which are caused due to conditions related with anxiety disorders.

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2.3) Rosemary Essential Oil

rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is used since antiquity as a general stimulant, it promotes the circulation of the brain, and decongests the liver. The benefits of Rosemary essential oil are very numerous, but among them, it prevents insomnia and fight against intellectual fatigue, due to its capacity rich in camphor, diterpenes, cineol and rosmarinic acid. It has an antioxidant effect which stimulates cerebral activity and improves memory capacity and alleviates headaches and attacks of migraines. 


2.4) Chamomile Essential Oil

chamomille essential oil

German Chamomile or Roman chamomile is well known for relieving headaches particularly at night time. In addition to its sedative properties, it also contains anti-inflammatory agents as well as Neuroprotective properties making it ideal for easing migraine or headache pain. The Journal Medical Hypotheses published an article back in the year 2014, supporting the claim via studies and tests that Chamomile oil could decrease migraine as well as headache pain by a considerable amount.
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2.5) Melissa Essential Oil

melissa essential oil

Melissa essential oil contains Emmenagogic and Antispasmodic, both of which are considered to enhance the nervous system of a body. It also consists of sedative properties of a lower percentage, thus all in all making it ideal for curing those headaches whom of which are associated with depression, insomnia and anxiety.

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2.6) Eucalyptus Essential Oil

eucalyptus essential oil

When used on a regular basis, Eucalyptus oil helps to rid the human body from any microorganisms that may cause harm as well as toxins. Usage of Eucalyptus is ideal for opening up nasal airways which as a result can prevent severe headaches via releasing the built up sinus pressure.
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a clinical trial which involved a study of a total of 52 patients, all of which had recently gone through a surgery for knee replacement. The aim of the clinical trial was to evaluate effects the usage of Eucalyptus oil had on the test subject’s blood-pressure as well as pain being felt. The results proved that not only did Eucalyptus oil promote blood circulation and emotional stability but also had anti-inflammatory effects as a result considerably reducing pain being felt. The reduction of edema formation was also noticed among the study test subjects.

Such effective pain reducing effects can work perfectly well with reduction of the pain cause via migraine and other categories of headaches.

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2.7) Ginger Essential Oil

ginger essential oil

This essential oil is well known for its virtues of general tonic, digestive tonic and aphrodisiac. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic, it is also renowned for headache and pain caused by migraine. Moreover, it is known to have antibacterial and toning and balancing properties for the nervous system. Ginger is also used as spice and condiment in the diet, but also infusions in case of nausea and constipation.

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2.8) Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil

Rose Oil is most well known for its soothing agents which aid with reduction of tension being caused within the body.  Rose essential oil is therefore ideal for the type of migraines and headaches which are commonly associated with higher levels of stress or tension present within a body. By enhancing relaxation and encourage soothing the nervous system of a person, rose essential oil is considered as a healthy and an effective cure to headaches or migraines.

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2.9) Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil

Lemon Oil consists of Anti-Microbial, Anti-Rheumatic, Antiseptic as well as Anti Anemic properties. All of which help induce relief pertaining to pain felt through migraines as well as other types of headaches.

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2.10) Jasmine Essential Oil

jasmin essential oil

Jasmine oil consists of ingredients which actively play a role in reduction of pain felt through migraines and headaches. It contains Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Benzoate as well as Benzaldehyde, each of which aids with fighting off toxins from within the body as well as boosting immunity. The aforementioned agents also actively reduce stress, and pain thus being perfect for the reduction of frequency of migraines and headaches.

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3. Powerful Essential Oils Blends For Headaches And Migraines

FDA registered as well as consisting of a blend of Spanish sage, Peppermint, Cardamom, Ginger and fennel oil, helps create the ideal essential for for reducing migraines and headaches by a considerable amount. Can be used aromatically as well as topically to eliminate pain associated headaches along with the extra bonus of clearing up sinus build-up which as a result prevents the occurrence of migraines. Comes in a sturdy, portable bottle container making it easier to carry around in a purse or even a pocket.

The Head Ease Synergy essential oil by Plant Guru consists of the perfect combination of anti-inflammatory oils such as peppermint, Spanish rosemary and Lavender to help ease headaches and migraines. The amber glass bottle is a plus point of this particular product since it helps protect the contents inside from UV rays. Containing absolutely no chemicals or additives, this particular essential oil for headaches is a must buy.

The Head Ease Synergy Blend Essential Oil by Eden Garden is available in 5, 10, 100 as well as 250ml bottles making it of ease for users to purchase the size which best suits them. Well known for making chronic headaches and migraines a lot more manageable, the Oil is a must purchase for all those looking to reduce pain felt by different types of headaches via the use of a quality essential oil for headaches.
The Stress Relief Blend can be used aromatically as well as topically on the wrists as well as dabbed under the nose for maximum amount of effectiveness for the reduction of pain felt by headaches. Ideal for migraines and headaches triggered because of stress and tension build-up, The Stress Relief Blend by Healing solutions is a must have.


Manufactured from a careful blend of essential oils for the purpose of reduction of pain felt via migraines as well as different types of headaches, the roll-on can be used topically as well as aromatically. Its cooling and soothing properties are most effective for eliminating headaches when used on temples, eyes or even the back to the neck.


4. Essential Oils Application Methods For Migraine Relief

Essential Oils can be used topically by rubbing them onto particular spots on the human body such as temples, wrists, back of the neck or even the eyelids. The place which may be the most effective for the reduction of pain felt by headaches can depend from person to person. When used as a diffuser or aromatically, the essential oils can be mixed and blended among one another to create personal blends which my best suit the user. Certain individuals also chose to wear diffusers that are of smaller sizes as necklace pendants for constant relief. Therefore, those interested in utilization of essential oils for headaches have a wide variety of oils as well as methods of utilization to chose from.

5. TOP Essential Oils Recipes For Headaches And Migraine Relief

Recipe 01 : Massage

For small headaches (for adults)
   – 1 drop of Lavender essential oil
   – 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil
How to use?
Apply 2 to 3 drops of this mixture directly to the painful areas according to your needs.

Recipe 02 : Massage

For strong headaches
  – 15 drops of Lavender essential oil
  – 30 drops of Peppermint essential oil
  – 15 drops of essential oil of Chamomile
  – 3 ml of Almond oil
How to use?
This is a very effective formula. Mix all the ingredients in a roll-on bottle.
In case of strong headache apply the mixture on the temples and bottom of the forehead while doing a gentle circular massage. Be careful not to get too close to the eyes.
Do not use if pregnant or nursing, and for children under 8 years of age

Recipe 03 : Compress

For migraines
   – 25 ml of sterilized water
   – 5 drops of Lavender essential oil
   – 3 drops of Peppermint essential oil
   – 1 drop of Eucalyptus essential oïl
How to use?
Mix all the ingredients in a bottle, agitate vigorously then moisten a clean compress with this mixture. Leave on your forehead for 20 minutes while lying down. You can place your bottle in the refrigerator for an additional calming and refreshing effect. Be sure to agitate your preparation before each use. Apply 2 to 3 drops of this mixture directly to the painful areas.

Recipe 04 : Steam nhalation

For migraines
  – 20 drops of Peppermint essential oil
  – 20 drops of fine Lavender essential oil
  – 15 drops of Lemon essential oil
  – 5 drops of Melissa essential oil
How to use?
Mix all the essential oils in a bottle. Breathe deeply directly into the bottle or put 5 drops on your handkerchief.
You can also pour hot water into a bowl and add 2-3 drops of the essential oils mixture, then close eyes and inhale deeply.
Repeat 3 to 5 times daily if necessary.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing, and for children under 8 years of age.


6. Everyday Tips to get rid of Headaches and Migraines

  • As soon as the first signs of headache appear, apply your preparation of essential oils (see recipes in previous section). The sooner you apply it, the more effective it will be (Same for medicines), a well-established headache will take longer to relieve than a nascent headache -> do not let it settle down.
  • If you have the opportunity lie down in a quiet room and try to sleep a little.
  • If you have the opportunity, try taking a hot bath.
  • Apply a cold compress to your neck.
  • Remember to drink well and to breathe properly by properly ventilating your room.
  • Eat at fixed times. If you miss a meal you risk being subject to headaches as your blood sugar levels drop and the blood vessels will expand more than usual when you catch up with that meal later in the day.
  • Remember when you had a headache. Note the time and things you did and ate a few hours before. It will then be easier to link to a food or sport that you practice for example.
All in all, the usage of essential oils for headaches and migraines has been a natural remedy used along the years for decades. It is still popular among the population and in practice due to its effective, healthy and promising results.

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