Best Essential Oils Brands Reviews and Comparison

Essential oils have been a part of human life as far back as the twelfth century. People are a bit hesitant in picking out the best essential oils for them and hence this would wrap up the basic information and guideline in choosing the essential oil as per desire and requirement.

1. How To Chose The Best Essential Oil Brand That Meets Your Needs?

Essential oils have a diverse aspect both in quality and their special uses. To make the most of their effective advantages you should choose from the first class essential oil brands. The best will rate profoundly for perfection, quality and obviously, value for cash.
Oils can improve cuts and sores, and some have antifungal and sterile properties. The mist will enhance dry skin, and dry nasal and sinus sections. Aromatherapy is helpful for potent aromas around you in the meantime treating for bringing down inflammation, blood pressure, and other issues concerned to your health.

1.1) Therapeutic Degree

The term therapeutic grade emerged amid the 90ʼs and did not exist preceding that time. It was imagined by some extremely smart marketers who needed people to trust that there was some way or another therapeutic grade best essential oils and afterward all others.
A grading framework, basically, does not exist for essential oils. It is a result of promoting and showcasing alone. From an advertising point of view there must be another approach to showcase a line of essential oils other than saying we offer the best essential oils on the market which is somewhat draining in contrast with therapeutic grade.
It gives the presence of being affirmed by some sort of higher authority and it has been said that the organization states it is a FDA endorsed to tag this name.

1.2)  Quality

Before hopping in and ordering a bunch of oils from any company, study these queries to help certify quality.

- Experience: The Company must have a lot of understanding within the essential oil ecosphere and with the usages and trials of making essential oils.

- Testing: Trials must be executed to be certain the oils are good in quality and not contaminated. Test outcomes must be provided to public.

- Growing Practices: Trees and plants are tracked from mini farms or distant locations where no herbicides, harmful chemicals or pesticides are used. Only natural fertilizers are a part of this. Plants are grownup in their homegrown locations and traced directly from farmers rather than a 3rd party men who may hide artificial or contamination of oils.

- Reasonable Pricing: Not too expensive, but not inexpensive either. Free delivery is a big positive.

- No Over-Recommending: Companies that endorse using oils within for every illness, or praising using up large quantities of oils are to be evaded.

- Latin Names: Oils need to have a botanic/Latin name or nick of the plant on the flask, so that clients know exactly what range of plant they are receiving.

- Reputation: The Company must have many contented customers and proposes outstanding customer care. 

1.3) Reputation

The company you purchase your products from should be trustworthy and reputable, in the logic that they deliver quality customer facilities. When doing your study, explore out how the company or dealer grips their clients’ questions as well as the dissatisfied clients. Similarly, making sure that the company instructs its consumers on how to pick the correct essential oil brand, and best way to use it.
As stated earlier, selecting the finest essential oil brands is not always a piece of cake. You will face a range of these products.

1.4) Purity

Contamination of the best essential oils is public, and is typically credited to the greediness of a dealer or distiller not good enough to make more money. The oils can be contaminated at the numerous stages of the production procedure and through different methods. For you to pick an authentic retailer, emphasis on the one who concentrates in essential oils? Such a retailer defends his or her business reputation, and would then deal with only legal products

1.5) Cost

Let the excellence of the essential oils you need to buy be value its price. Particularly inexpensive products may not be the finest in terms of quality, similarly all the expensive products might not be a good choice for you. Instead you have to find a correct between your needs and what suits you best. Doing a slight study always pay off so that you don’t close up paying extra than you should have paid.

2. Best Essential Oils Brands

1. Young Living™ Essential Oils

Young Living is a company of essential oils founded by Gary Young in 1993, and has grown from a small company to a multinational in the last twenty years. Young Living pure therapeutic essential oils offer a superior quality of essential oils. Thoroughly tested, these essential oils meet the expected standards. These oils contain no pesticides, harmful chemicals, herbicide, artificial colors, fragrance and chemical fertilizers. These products are certified as the best and most effective essential oils.


  • Good treating methods
  • Wide range of selection of essential oils
  • They grow their own plants
  • They have a wide network of distributors
  • They have many efficient blends
  • Too  much emphasizes on exaggerated knowledge
  • The price is too high



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2. dōTERRA

DōTERRA was established in 2008 by a team of medicinal services and business experts who imparted significant individual expertise to the life-improving event of essential oils. According to their statement of purpose, they endeavor to bring another standard of therapeutic grade essential oils to the world.
DōTERRA sources their essential oils from cultivators over the globe; and utilize a refining procedure of low-warmth distillation refining or pressure to select essential oils. In case you're not happy with your product, you can return it for a 100% discount or 100% return depending a slight bit on timetable and whether you've opened the packing of product or not.


  • The company provides educational market
  • High quality essential oils
  • Amazing oil fragrance with no added chemicals
  • The prices are higher than many other companies
  • Sometimes they do false advertisement of their products


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3. Edens Garden™ Essential Oils

With a strict attention on the nature and freshness and of their product, Edens Garden guarantees to convey the best oil accessible. All oils are put away in rooms with temperature control and less lighting effect. This guarantees the therapeutic properties of the oils are boosted. Edens Garden oils are completely perfect and pure. Their high caliber is clear in the strength they convey — maybe a couple drops in your diffuser is sufficient to scent a huge space for quite a long time.


  • The essential oils by Eden gardens are tested by laboratory with GC/MS testing
  • These essential oils promote smooth collection and acne free skin
  • Aromatherapy with these oils relieves stress
  • They have a huge collection essential oils
  • They deliver 100% therapeutic-grade oils
  • They have both non-organic and organic oils
  • They heavily invest on the fragrance


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4. Majestic Pure™ Essential Oils

Majestic Pure™ is founded in California and provides 100 % clean therapeutic essential oils plus botanic cosmetics. They provide the premium quality botanical best essential oils from proper makers around the globe. They not only sell online but also provide a guarantee for your satisfaction with their products.


  • Great quality essential oils with 100 % pure nutrients
  • Free delivery if ordered above 60 dollars
  • Many clients blame for the odor of the products 
  • Have bound choices


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5. Healing Solutions Essential Oils

One of the major essential oil providers in this industry is The Healing Solutions Essential Oils. They trade a range of oil blends with more than 155 types which are prepared from 100 % of organic basis, different from the Aura. Due to their great quality, the clients who pick to buy from this company should use it continuously.


  • Deal only with single healing oil varieties
  • Reasonable prices
  • Have an extensive variety of blends
  • Deliver the essential oil for the entire health package
  • Usually offer discounts and black Friday
  • This company does not reveal anything about the therapeutic grade
  • Information not clearly mentioned on bottle labels


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6. Now Foods (Now®) Essential Oils

Now foods established their business of natural supplements and food in 1948. Based in Chicago, they manufacture high quality essential oils and personal care products. These oils are also used as food supplements. This organization is known to never compromise on the quality of their products.


  • A dependable essential oil company with the highest quality and purity
  • More than 67 years’ experience in this field
  • Use unique tactics in extraction of oils
  • A broad range of essential oils
  • Realistic prices
  • Issues with fragrance of oil and dilution
  • Instructions not clear on labels


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7. Plant Therapy® Essential Oils

It is one of the most renowned essential oil brands that offer great quality with a 100% satisfaction to customers. They also provide the customers with the details of the farms and regions where this oil is obtained and extracted to have a clear and clean relation.


  • 100% pure oils delivery with great quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Free delivery for US retail clients and also free International Shipping to Singapore, Australia and Canada with an order exceeding $50
  • 90 day warranty (100% Refund)
  • They do not own personal farms which results in not generating their own oils
  • They do not provide multiple choices


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8. Pure Body Naturals™ Essential Oils

A publicly renowned brand Pure Body Naturals™ is devoted to emphasize on organic and natural materials in every formulation with their essential oils. These high-quality oils are wonderful and the brand is a front-runner in the market place of USA.


  • Provide good quality products
  • Timely and quick customer service
  • Affordable price
  • 100% money back guarantee in case of any valid issues
  • Limited range of essential oils
  • Currently are missing own blends


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9. Radha Beauty Essential Oils

Radha beauty essential oils is a company founded by Rebekah Letch in 2014. The aim of this organization is to produce oils that have a healing effect on the skin. All the products under the Radha Beauty essential title are organic, cruelty free and chemical free. These oils can be steam distilled or applied directly on skin.


  • The oils come with a 6 months expiry date which proves that it is organic and chemical free
  • It helps remove smells
  • Have a wide range of oils
  • Several complaints about the quality of some oils
  • The Latin names used of the products can have a different connotation than perceived


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10. Art Naturals Essential Oils

Art Naturals Essential oils is an organization located in Los Angeles which strives to produce high quality organic oils. They have a complete ingredient list on their products. A complete refund is promised to the customers if they are not satisfied with the services.


  • You can use these oils in bath
  • You can create a diffuser necklace
  • There blends have a beautiful fragrance
  • There are no instructions on the oil product
  • The packaging is not effectively planned


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11. Aura Cacia® Essential Oils

This company introduced itself in 1982 and are well – known as their good quality oils with great customer service. With the point that many forged and less quality essential oils seem too much, Aura Cacia makes the clients feel relaxed and trustworthy of their products.


  • provide the high quality with the organic authority certifications
  • Use their own farms to produce essential oils
  • Have various types and single brands
  • Market compatible  prices
  • Timely customer service refund policy of 90 days
  • Some essential oils provided are not organic
  • Weak delivery service


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12. Rocky Mountain Oils

The oils by Rocky Mountain Oils are used by people in their offices, homes and saunas, massage therapists, anyplace alone or with essential oil diffusers. The company’s honesty is without exclusion. They give a 90-day guarantee on essential oils with a total refund if you are not contented with the product.


  • The essential oils of each product is obtained directly from organic farms
  • 90% refund if a customer is not satisfied
  • These oils help immunity
  • More than 75 blends and 100 single oils
  • The shipping of this product overseas may be difficult and full of hassle


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13. Kis Oils

Kis oils produce fine oils available in blends, single aromas or sample packs that can be given away as gifts. These oils can be used in massage, in diffusion and in bath. The therapeutic and aromatherapy effect of these oils is strong and effective. 


  • Affordable price, less than 9 dollars.
  • Has a broad range and types of essential oils
  • Offer good quality oils with least waste
  • Highly dependable and reliable
  • Provide bottle filling also on their own
  • Usually depend on suppliers for their oils
  • Lack of instructions regarding therapeutic grade


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14. Calily™ Essential Oils

This brand is situated in New Jersey and it sells only pure, authentic, and therapeutic grade oils. They give aromatherapy fresher a package with 14 different oils in glass brown bottles.


  • Undiluted and 100% pure oils
  • Compatible prices
  • Most innovative technologies in extraction and distillation
  • Guarantees innovative explanations and a provision aimed at excellence
  • Great for starters looking for essential oils
  • Have an extensive types of oils depending on different aromas and fragrances
  • Packaging not quite good and is difficult to open boxes
  • Label too small to read any of the instructions provided


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Essential oils are a perfect way to cleanse and purify the atmosphere in your home or office and to use as a chemical-free, natural treatment for a diverse range of psychological and physical illness.
To guarantee you’re making the most of your aromatherapy, use only the finest quality essential oils. Always look for purity and deficiency of any flavors to assure you’re only receiving the essential oil without any dilution. A healthy and higher cost doesn’t mean good quality, so look for the trivial sample packs until you believe you have the perfect brand for you.
Important thing to remember is that before buying, you must consider openly to these nutrients: your cost, the using purpose, the warranty, the brand, storing method to make the right decision.


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